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Objective: Political differences can cause devastating wars.


Web Site:

Nick's Link on Korean War

This resource had several reasons for being useful. First of all, It it a online encyclopedia, which makes its validity almost unquestionable. Secondly, It contains an in-depth summary of the entire war. It gives a brief overview of several major battles, as well as providing other information. Its most important use was the extra information that give the topic more depth. It provides exact figures on troop numbers, deaths, and military strategy. This resource also contains a large collection of images, which made making the Power-point quite easy. By using this webpage I was easily able to gather information about the causes, effects, and events of the Korean War. Without this important resource, doing this project would be been much more difficult.


korean_w.gif korean_war_ground_combat.jpg

Image Questions:

1.) Pay attention to the flags on the map. What occurs every time a new flag appears?
Answer (Select ==>): Depending on the side the flag appears on, that side quickly gains the advantage, and gains more land. This is seen when the USA joins South Korea, and when China joins the North Koreans.

2.) How the terrain shown in the black and white map affect fighting?
Answer (Select ==>): Fighting in the mountains often gives, the home army the advantage. It also prevents the movement of supplies and troops, while limiting visibility. Military leaders generally wish to gain the higher ground as it provides a higher level of defense and a better view of the surrounding land. This could lead to intense fighting around such areas.

3.) Based on the above map, who do you think won the war?
Answer (Select ==>): Based solely on the above map one could conclude that South Korea won the war, though it is up to debate. Since the war ended in a stalemate, no official winner was decided. By observing the amount of land each country controls before and after the war, one will notice that the South Koreans gain a small amount of land. With more research one will learn that this area is about 20 miles wide.


Big Questions:

1.) Why do you think that the Russian and US forces didn't withdraw from Korea?
Answer 1
2.) What was the cause of North Korea's rapid advance into South Korea?
Answer 2
3.) What did the Korean War accomplish?
Answer 3