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Basic Information
Current City: Buenos Aires, Argentina [prior to decease]
Hometown: Los Toldos, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Sex: Female
Birthday: May 7 1919
Political Views: Conservative
Biography: I was born on May 7, 1919 to my parents, Juana Ibaguren Duarte and Juan Duarte. I am the youngest of five children; I have three older sisters, whose names are Elisa, Blanca, and Erminda, and one older brother, whose name is Juan. When I was eight years old, I began primary school. My best friend was my own sister Erminda; after all, we were closest in age. When I was eleven, my mother decided to pack up our family and move all of us to the nearby town of Junin. I had to switch schools, so I began third grade at Public School 1. As I grew older and more involved in the programs in my school, I discovered that I had not only a talent but a passion for acting, speaking, and the cinema. When I was sixteen, I decided to leave high school and town and follow my dreams to become an actress. It did not come easily, though; at first I was just a voice on the radio. People were enamored by me though, and soon, I began on-screen roles. Acting was my passion at the time. Everything changed when I met General Juan Peron, however. Juan was, and will forever be, the love of my life. He was a key figure in the new military government. We had two marriages, one non-official and one official. Our non-official marriage took place on October 22nd, 1945, and our official marriage took place on December 10th, 1945. Soon thereafter, my husband Juan was named president of Argentina. I was not going to be just a background figure, though, I figured this out early on. Juan and I decided that I would be his business partner, and so that was how things went. I decided that I would have a sort of alter ego: Eva Peron would be me as simply the wife of the president, and Evita would be the wife of the president and his partner in business. As I became involved in politics, I discovered another passion of mine, which was philanthropy and work in the community. I became quite involved in such. I even created the Eva Peron Foundation, which is an organization dedicated to helping those less fortunate than myself.
Favorite Quotations:
"Even as a little girl I wanted to recite. It was as though I wished to say something to others, something important which I felt in my deepest heart." –Eva Peron
“Like the birds, I've always preferred the freedom of the forest. I haven't even been able to tolerate that minimum loss of freedom which comes from living with your parents or in your hometown. Very early in life I left my home and my hometown and since then I've always lived free. I've wanted to be on my own and I have been on my own." –Eva Peron

Mother: Juana Ibaguren
Father: Juan Duarte
Daughters: None
Sons: None
Brothers: Juan Duarte
Sisters: Elisa, Blanca, and Erminda Duarte

Likes and Interests
Activities: Acting, spending time with husband Juan Peron, speaking on the radio, charitable work
Interests: Acting, old films, politics, philanthropy
Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, jazz
Books: The Reason for My Life by Eva Peron
Movies: Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Funny Face, The African Queen
Television: I Love Lucy, Leave it to Beaver

Education and Work
High School: Public School #1
College/University: None
Employer: Self employed actress; political partner with husband Juan Peron

--What’s your power?
Your power is earth! You have the power to make plants grow and make earthquakes belong to you. This is the only power than can heal and you should be proud of it.
Explanation: I am best remembered for being an extraordinary philanthropist who spent most of my time helping and healing those in need. Healing is a natural passion of mine; I enjoy helping those less fortunate than myself. I believe that I have been truly blessed to have been born into this sort of a lifestyle, so I ought to give back as much as I can. Healing is one way I can do such.
--What kind of dance are you?
You are ballet! You are beautiful inside and out. You have natural grace and elegance.
Explanation: Prior to my career as a business partner to my husband Juan Peron, I aspired to be an actress. Back then, I was quite the elegant woman. I felt that I had to be in order to go into my chosen profession of acting. Without sounding pompous, people thought that I was beautiful. I like to think that inwardly I reflect this as well with my philanthropic work.
--Which store is best for you to shop at?
Your store is Forever 21! It's a store of classy clothes with a bit of an individualistic twist.
Explanation: As the wife and the business partner of an influential political leader, I feel it is my duty to present myself as a classy woman. I am not one to stand back in the background, however; I make it known exactly who I am. Forever 21 is a classy store, but it certainly does not blend into the crowd either. It makes itself seen, much like I do.
--What is your most attractive quality?
Yourself! Although you may be externally attractive, it is your innermost self that sets you apart. People automatically want to get to know you once they catch a glimpse of your confident personality.
Explanation: People tend to think that I am externally beautiful. Although I find this to be extremely flattering, it is not what matters most to me. Like this quiz reveals, what matters most to me is being confident and knowing exactly what I want. I do know what I want; I want to give back in my community, which is what I am doing currently.
--Which Twilight girl are you most like?
You are most like Alice! You are graceful, elegant, and have a unique sense of individualism.
Explanation: The Twilight character Alice knows exactly whom she is and she is unafraid to show it. I am the same in many ways: as I previously explained, I know exactly whom I am. I know what I want to be doing, which is what I am currently doing. I suppose you could call me graceful and elegant as well; again, it is what I aspire to be, and I hope I am achieving that.

--Conservative Management
From the time I was a child, I knew that my political views were conservative. It was simply the way I was raised. This group is appropriate because I, as stated, was a conservative.
--Actors First NY
Acting was my first passion in life. As a young adult, all I wanted to do was act. I began as a radio host and soon moved to acting.
--Community Builders (philanthropy)
Once I was married to Juan Peron and started in politics, I discovered my passion for helping those in need.
--Catholic Questions (Catholicism discussion board)
I was raised in Catholicism. I was firm in my religious beliefs, and that is that I was a Catholic.
--Volunteers Headquarters
Volunteering and altruism were some of my passions in life. They were what I loved to do.
--Volunteers for Volunteers
As I mentioned earlier, volunteering my time and efforts were quite important to me during my lifetime.
--Young Republicans
I was raised a republican, and throughout my lifetime, those were the political reviews with which I remained.
--Volunteer Connection
Volunteering made me feel complete in my life, like I was truly making a difference in the world, and that was what was important to me.
--Film Industry
Before my career in politics and philanthropy, I was an actress. I was truly passionate about acting.
--Catholic Corner
Catholicism was important to me. My religious views were instilled upon me as a child and I stayed true to them throughout my life.
Here is another volunteer group. As I've stated, volunteering and community service were extremely important to me. In fact, I begun the Fundación Eva Perón in dedication to my passion.


Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: I feel that I relate most to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad because he is the president of his nation. I was not the president of Argentina, that was my husband Juan Peron's job. However, I was the wife and the business partner of the president, and I feel that this relates me to Mr. Ahmadinejad most.

Siddhartha Gautama: I feel that I relate least to Siddhartha Gautama. First, Siddhartha is completely unpolitical. Basically my entire life revolved around politics, along with some other things. When one's husband is the president, one becomes quite immersed in politics. Siddhartha is also Buddhist, as he is the founder of Buddhism. I am a strong Catholic, so our religious views conflict, which proves how we do not relate.


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