Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
(Mahatma-great soul)
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Current city- Delhi
Home Town- Porbander, India
Sex- male
Birthday- 2 October 1869
political views- Non violent political resistance Indian independence
Religious views- Hinduism,

BIO- I was born and given the name Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and i was born on October 2nd 1869 in Porabander India. I was the youngest born out of four children, I had two brothers and one sister. As a kid my parent could afford me a good education. I was not very intrested in school and was not very involved in sports. I was very interested in the Hindu holy readings as well as book by Bhagavad-Gita, John Ruskin, Leo Tolstoy, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Henry David Thoreau which influenced me. At age 13 I was married to my wife Kasturbai. I continued with my education into a the university of Bombay where I studied for a little bit then went to England in 1888, to study to become a lawyer. When I left India I had to be expelled from my caste so now I was an out caste. I then finished my studies in 1891 and returned home to find out that my mother had died and that the legal positions was overcrowded and it was hard to find a job.I soon signed for a job and I went to Africa in 1893 and my job was with an Indian firm and was successful with some of my ideas like satyagraha which was non violent resistance. I returned to India to gather my wife and kids and returned to africa in 1896. I had more success in Africa when I organized an ambulance crops for the british. A fews years later I returned to India and became involved with the INC and became a leader of national struggle for independence in India from Britain. At this time from 1901-1906 I became very naturalistic and pacifistic and took a more simple way of life. I only wore pieces of white cloth as my clothing, I was a vegetarian, fasted and prayed and I made my own clothes and I achieved celibacy. I was the starter of the movement civil disobedience and for that I was arrested many times in 1908. For the next years I kept following satyagraha and breaking british law and was arrested in 1922 for sedition and remained imprisoned until 1924. Soon after my release in 1925 I am elected president of the INC. After this there are a couple of main moments in my life. In 1931 I led the famous salt march and was arrested yet again. In was later arrested again for protesting unequal rights of untouchables. He named themHarijans, the children of God. What all my efforts led to in India was the independence of the country and better standards of living for all. My only failure was the separation of the Hindus ad the muslims because I believed a united India was stronger and that religious tolerance was achievable.

Favorite quotations: “A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes”


  • Mother - Putlibai
  • Father - Karamchand Gandhi
  • Wife - Kasturbai
  • Sons - Harilal, Manilal, Ramdas, Devadas
  • Brothers Laxmidas, Karsandas, .
  • Sisters - Raliatbehn

Likes and interests
· Activities- Peaceful protests, spinning clothes, fasting, praying
· Interests- Hindu, religious toleration, Civil disobedience
· Music-
· Books- hindu vedas, bible and books written by Bhagavad-Gita, John Ruskin, Leo Tolstoy, Ralph Waldo Emerson, and Henry David Thoreau
· Movies- Mohandas Gandhi My Father
· Television- The vegetarian food channel

Education and work

  • High school- primary school in Porabander
  • College/ University- university of Bombay, inner temple ( a law school in london

( Me)

Gandhi as a child.JPG
Gandhi as a child.JPG

Gandhi in western dress.JPG
Gandhi in western dress.JPG
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(The Family)
Father-Karamchand Gandhi (Kaba Gandhi)
Father-Karamchand Gandhi (Kaba Gandhi)


Brother- karsandas
Brother- karsandas

 Sister- Raliatbehn
Sister- Raliatbehn


son - Harilal
son - Harilal

son- Manilal,
son- Manilal,

son -Ramdas
son -Ramdas

 Son -Devdas
Son -Devdas

(What i do)

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GROUP 1: Hinduism
- EXPLANATION: The reason I joined the Hinduism group is because I am a worshipper of Hindu. I grew in a house hold that a strong beliefs in the religion and because of that I was able to form a lot of my ideas. Such as non violent resistance because that is what I was taught no violence. This group will help me keep connect to Hindu and people who worship it like I do.

GROUP 2: Satyagraha and Pacification
- EXPLANATION:This group talks about my ideas and policies about non-violence movements and no violence in general. Ahimsa is the policy this group runs by and is what my religion teaches, non-violence to any living being. I joined this group because I'm a pacifist and want violence to end. I am a strong follower of
Satyagraha and i lead non violent resistances all the time.

GROUP 3: Vegetarian Group
- EXPLANATION: The reason I joined the vegetarian group is because I am a vegetarian. I believe in not harming anything living so I eat no meat. This Vegetarian group has recipes for Vegetarian dishes and I need that because when I went to Europe and there was nothing for me to eat so this group will be very useful.

GROUP 4: Spinning
- EXPLANATION: I joined the spinning club because it is something that I do often. I weave my own clothes be spinning them. The reason that the spinning group is for me is because it represents simplicity in life and traditional values. The spinning club is right for me because now i have people who share my simplistic hobby. I feel that spinning really calms the mind

GROUP 5: Lawyers A-Z
- EXPLANATION: The reason I joined the Lawyer A-Z group is because before I was a non violent leader in India I was a lawyer. I went to the university of Bombay and a law school in London to become a lawyer. I was hired in Africa as a forced route because I could not find many other law firms open. The reason this group is helpful is it show law firms all over the place. This would help me find a good job in law if I needed to

GROUP 6: National forum of india
- EXPLANATION: I joined the national forum of India group because I need to know what is happening in India. Since I help the people of India i have to make sure the people are being treated fairly and just. This group will keep me updated on current situation and maybe I will be able to do something. I also have to make sure there is peace and less violence and this group will help me keep track of it.

GROUP 7: Quested peace
- EXPLANATION: I joined the group because it supports peace which is one of my main goal to succeed in this world. This group preaches religious toleration which I agree with completely. One of my goals was to make religious toleration between Hindus and Muslims and unify India. this groups help spread this message and I am glad to be a part of it. Ending violence to al living things is the goal.

GROUP 8: Federalist Friends
- EXPLANATION: The reason I joined this group is because because I was the starter of civil disobedience. This group is also a supporter of it and encourages its group members to perform it. This group is good because it will help me find people who also want to follow civil disobedience. That way we can have large groups doing it and making an impact. This group also fights for independence which is what I want for India.

GROUP 9: Salt march
- EXPLANATION: The reason I joined this group is because this is when I walked this when I was fighting for Indian independence. This group shows those who would help in the march and resist the unfair salt taxes. I like this group because I know they would peacefully protest. I could gather people from this club that would help further my causes and make a bigger impact. I would be able gather more followers by being in this group.

GROUP 10: Gandhites
- EXPLANATION: This club is for member of the Gandhi family. Since I am a Gandhi I should be in this group. This way I can keep contact with all of my family and see how they are doing.


QUIZ 1: What Kind of novel are you?
- RESULTS: suspense and action
- EXPLANATION: This fits my life well because a lot of suspenseful things happen in my life as well as action. I get arrested all the time for protesting in india and in Africa. I was the one who lead the salt march and was the leader of a resistance march against high taxes. There is action because I was assassinated, shot by an extremist after I blessed him.

QUIZ 2: What's your magic power?
- RESULTS: natural powers
- EXPLANATION:My magic power reflects who I am as an individual because i live a very natural life style. I an a vegitarian so I never eat meat which is very natural. I also wear very simple clothing, I wear just a white cloth and i usually have no shirt on which gives me a very natural way of living.

QUIZ 3: What type of weather are you?
- EXPLANATION: The results say that I'm kind, that i have a quiet strength and bring joy and happiness to people and it says that I make a difference and that people look up to me and respect me. I feel that these results depict who i am perfectly. I am very kind and peaceful and I bring joy to people because I do what's right for them, I help them get better lives. I do make a difference with my actions because my action lead growth in Indian nationalism. For my actions that i have done many people love and respect me.

QUIZ 4: What color represents you?
- RESULTS: White
- EXPLANATION:The quiz results say that I am represented by the color white and that means I have a combination of lots of people"s personalties and I will accept any one who walks my way. I think this very accurately describes me, I do have a lot of personality traits such as rebelling but also being peaceful and pacifistic. I also accept people for who they are whether they are hindu or muslim i treat everyone equally.

QUIZ 5: What country are you?
- RESULTS: Kenya
- EXPLANATION: Kenya is very traditional and and they do everything by hand which relates to me. I am very traditional and do stuff by hand all the time. I weave my own clothes with my spinning wheel and i wear only very little clothing. The results also tell me that I am kind which i believe it right because accept and help many.

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