sup yall
sup yall

- Basic Information
o Current City: Just outside of the Promiseland
o Hometown: Egypt, by the Nile
o Sex: male
o Birthday: A few days before the Pharaoh's decree to kill all jewish babies (around 1525 B.C.)
o Political Views: Follow the LORD and the rest shall come
o Religious Views: Jewish
o Bio: I was born in Egypt into the Levite tribe on the third sabbath of the month. There was a prophecy made to the Pharaoh which upon hearing, he made a decree that all hebrew male babies be drowned. I was included on the kill list, and my mother tired to hide me for 3 months before she had to take more radical action. I was put in a tar covered wicker basket and placed in the Nile. My sister Mariam kept watch from afar, but i was found by some royal servants. I was presented to the pharaoh's daughter, and she decided to keep me and raise me as her own. I grew up with the best of everything; education, freedom, and one of the highest social ranks in all of Egypt. As a young man I was aware of my Hebraic roots, and one day when I saw an Egyptian overseer beating a Hebrew, I lashed out and killed him in anger. knowing i had gone against the pharaoh's will, I fled to Midian and became a shepherd. While tenting a flock in the Horeb mountains, I came across the Burning Bush. A voice from inside the bush said that I had been chosen to serve as one to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt. I was also told to declare the unity of God to his people.My brother Aaron and i went back to Egypt and demanded that the Pharaoh "let my people go". He did not comply, so by the power of the lord,I released the 10 plagues on Egypt. After the tenth plauge, the pharo let us leave, and we traveled to mount Siani, where i reteived the 10 commandments.The next 40 years we wondered about in the desert and experienced some miracles such as parting the red sea, water from rocks and receiving spiritual food called mana. Finally we reached the Holy land, and at the age of 120, I died a peaceful death.
o Favorite Quotations: 'Let my people go."
- Relationships
o Mother: Yochebed
o Father: Amram
o Wife: Zipporah
Daughters: none
o Sons: Gershom and Eliezer
o Brothers: Aaron
o Sisters: Miriam (first female prophet)
- Likes and Interest
o Activities: leading the Jewish people out of Egypt, recording the 10 commandments
o Interests: reading the Torah, explaining God's love to the Israelites, talking to God
o Music: Matisyahu, christian rock, Jewish hymns
o Books: The Torah and Bible
o Movies: I'm not a big movie watcher, Im more of an "enjoy the silence" kind of guy
o Television: same as movies
- Education and Work
o High School: I was educated by the best since the Pharaoh's daughter took me in when she found me in a basket in the river
o College/University: none
o Employer: The Lord

ALBUM 1:external image moses-needs-GPS.jpgpharaoh's_daughter_finds_moses.jpg6a00d834515c6d69e200e54f1c5cc88834-640wi.jpgmoses4.jpgMoses_before_Pharaoh_with_snake.jpgexternal image 300px-Moses_Pleading_with_Israel_(crop).jpgimages.jpegHeston_as_Moses_in_The_Ten_Commandments[4].jpgmoses-and-the-ten-comandments2.jpgexodus.jpgbible-archeology-exodus-kadesh-barnea-water-from-rock-moses.jpgmoses2.jpg32-heston-as-moses.jpgexternal image moses_parting_the_red_sea.jpgMichel_Moses1515.jpgmoses.jpg

GROUP 1:Greatest1Command
- EXPLANATION This group appealed to me greatly since I was the one who brought down the LORD's 10 commandments. This group discusses the importance of following the 10 commandments and how to follow them in day to day life. The Commandments are one of my greatest achievements, and are very important to me.
GROUP 2:JewishJokeDeJour
- EXPLANATION During my 40 years wondering the desert with my newly freed people, things got a little stressful. I was often ridiculed for putting them in a worse situation than they were previously in, and there was a lot of griping. In order to help me get though, I visited this page to lighten my day with jokes around Jewish life and customs.
GROUP 3:KGHshuls
- EXPLANATION This page is about becoming a better leader. Leadership skills are very important to me since I spend most of my life (40 years) leading around thousands of disgruntled Jews. Public speaking is also a weak point of mine, but God reminded me "Who hath made your tung?" giving me the strength to lead with my brother Aaron. I use the leadership tips provided on the page to be a better leader.
GROUP 4:Torahviva
- EXPLANATION Being a major figure in the Torah, i help support this page. This page is dedicated to spreading God's word and law through the use of the Torah, which I am highly in support of. It is also bilingual, bringing the Spirit to more people around the world, not just those born Jewish.
GROUP 5:JewishMusic
- EXPLANATION During our 40 year "adventure" we entertained ourselves by passing hours at a time singing the LORD's praises through song. I grew very fond for our singalongs and have shared many of the songs on this page. I Have also pick up some new jewish jams. The group archives old and new Jewish music.
GROUP 6:JewishEvents
- EXPLANATION Being the "father of the Jewish people" i like to keep tabs on my people. This lets me stay active in the lives of many people. Also im not a very good public speaker, so online text based conversations are alot easier for me. Because I can never enter the holy land (I made God mad a while back by being disrespectful), this group keeps me in touch with what's going inside.
GROUP 7:MessianicTorah
- EXPLANATION Being an avid reader of all books of the LORD, this group helps explain to others what certain passages mean. Since I spent alot of time talking directly to God, I try to help others understand the Word and grow in their faith. Also they have some nice pictures of me!
GROUP 8:JewishHistory
- EXPLANATION On this group page there is ancient Jewish history along with analysis on the events which took place.This page relates to be because I am a major player in Jewish history. I was the one who led the Jews out of slavery. After that I brought down the 10 commandments to the people and established the covenant. Close to my 100th birthday I led the Jewish people into the promise land. WIthout me there wouldn't be much Jewish history.
GROUP 9:Judahsanctuary
- EXPLANATION Although this page is on the Bible, i still enjoy this page greatly. The group takes direct quotes from the LORD and dissects the spiritual meaning in them. The Torah is great (well actually the best) but its nice to see through another's eyes every once and a while.
GROUP 10:TimelyInsights
- EXPLANATION I am a servant of the LORD, the one true God. Any page that delivers the scripture of the LORD to the people of the word is a group i want to be apart of. The page is non-denominational and is open to Jews and Christians alike, spreading the holy love. The quotes are very inspirational are are good for motivating the very angry people I led to the holy land.


QUIZ 1: Do you know your bible stories?
You scored 100.00% of the possible points for this test.
- EXPLANATION: This quiz was all me. Im one of the most well known biblical chracters, and im an avid reader of any text of the LORD. This quiz had most of the important old Biblical stories such as Cain and Able, and Adam and Eve, which are also in the Torah.
QUIZ 2: What's your personality type?
- RESULTS you are a shy shellfish!
- EXPLANATION The LORD chose me to lead the Jewish people, but as i told Him, im shy and not very good with crowds. Like a shellfish, my brother Aaron acted as my outward shell, speaking to the Pharaoh and the Jewish people for me. Also being quiet, I am very introspective and spend alot of time praying by myself
QUIZ 3: How strong is your friendship?
- RESULTS You two are BBFs!
- EXPLANATION I did my quiz on my relationship with God. We are pretty tight, starting with Him talking to me as a flaming bush, we kicked off a great relationship. He helped me out in my times of need and i served Him loyally. Although no one is on the same level as God, we have a great relationship of trust and compassion. We also talk almost every day. I have a special tent set up where during our 40 years in the desert, i would speak to the LORD and ask for guidance.
QUIZ 4:What Part of Nature are you?
- EXPLANATION Like a tree i am strongly rooted in my beliefs and I flourish and bloom because of my strong roots (people said i actually glowed after coming out of my little conversations with the LORD). One of the questions asked what i would do if i saw two people flighting, and during my journey i dealt with alot of fights. I answered i would try to help them resolve the fight. As a leader it is an important quality to be able to help ameliorate fights.
QUIZ 5: What is your color?
White. You see the world differently than most. You see the beauty of the world around you and never feel comfortable hurting it or other people
- EXPLANATION The quiz was very accurate! White is one of my favorite colors because it symbolizes the pureness in the earthly world and is untarnished by the evil of the darkness. I do see the beauty of the world and feel very uncomfortable seeing others in pain. One time i saw a man beating a women and almost got myself killed trying to protect her.


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