Basic Information

o Current City: Canaan
o Hometown: Mesopotamia
o Sex: Male
o Birthday: 1813 B.C
o Political Views: God
o Religious Views: Judaism, Christianity and Islam
o Bio: Hi. My name is Abraham. I was born in the year 1813 B.C in ancient Mesopotamia. I currently am married to a wonderful woman named Sarah. We have two boys named Ishmael and Isaac. Back when I was a semi-nomadic shepherd, God revealed himself to me, and made promises to give my future children the life they deserved. Ever since that day, I have believed in God and pray all the time. Having as much faith in God as I do has lead me towards becoming a teacher and prophet of God. I set up a school where I can teach others my beliefs of God. Christianity is not my only religion. I am in fact Jewish and Islamic. I have lived in many different cities and countries throughout my life, including Canaan, Haran, Egypt, Hebron, Bethel and the Negev Desert. I traveled throughout those places with my father, Terah. Our family thrived by producing wool and making business on the trade routes throughout those places. After Terah died, I was approached by God himself, who told me to follow him to a great land. God promised me that wherever he took me, he would make a wonderful nation. I became very successful, first in Canaan, where I built a temple to honor my God. Unfortunately, I made a mistake in having an affair with another woman while married to Sarah, who later gave me a son named Ishmael. God did not trust my faith in him anymore and wanted me to sacrifice my beloved son. Of course I could not do that and thankfully God trusted me again and had me sacrifice a ram instead. Sarah died at a young age and was buried in the cave of Machpelah. I plan to have my sons and myself buried right next to her when our time comes.
o Favorite Quotations: " I will make you a great nation..." - Genesis 12:2 and " But the angel of the Lord called to him from heaven and said "Abraham, Abraham!" And he said, "Here I am" - Genesis 22:11


o Mother: n/a
o Father: Terah
o Daughters: n/a
o Sons: Ishmael and Isaac
o Brothers: Lot
o Sisters: n/a

Likes and Interest

o Activities: Herding sheep, being the first prophecy
o Interests: Hiking and teaching
o Music: Jesus Walks by Kanye West
o Books: The Bible, The Koran
o Movies: Any bible related movie is the best
o Television: The Bible Channel

Education and Work

o High School: n/a
o College/University: n/a
o Employer: Semi- Nomadic Shepherd and a teacher



GROUP 1: Spiritually Speaking
- I joined the Spiritually Speaking group because I thought it would be a great place to go and talk about my religion and compare it to what other believe in. This group relates to me because I am very into religion and "bringing love and light to our world".
GROUP 2: Jewish Music
- I joined the Jewish Music group because I am Jewish and this is where I can share my favorite songs with others. This group relates to me since I am Jewish and I enjoy this kind of music.
GROUP 3: Jewish Events
- I joined the Jewish Events group because it is where many people can update each other on important events in the Jewish tradition. This group relates to me because I'm Jewish and I like to participate in as many Jewish events as possible.
GROUP 4: Jewish Traditions
- I joined the Jewish Traditions group so that I was able to share all about my own personal traditions. This group relates to me since I am Jewish and I personally have traditions that are important to me, and that I would like to share with others.
GROUP 5: Jewish Healing
- I joined the Jewish Healing group because I was interested in learning more about how to spiritually heal myself and others. This group relates to me because these ways of healing can help me teach others how to help each other, because I am a teacher.
GROUP 6: Spiritual Sharer
- I joined the Spiritual Sharer group because this group helps to teach those who believe in God may not be lost, but have eternal life. This relates to me because I believe in only one God and I hope that he can help me have eternal life.
GROUP 7: Bible Study
- I joined the Bible Study group to read and understand parts of verses throughout the bible. This group relates to me personally because I am very interested in the bible, in fact I am mentioned in the bible a few times.
GROUP 8: The Travel Zine
- Joining The Travel Zine group has helped me to learn more about countries and cultures I did not know about. This group relates to me because I love to travel and would like to share my experiences and knowledge of countries and cultures with others.
GROUP 9: Every Word of Truth
- I joined the Every Word of Truth group to help me trust others and understand the true meaning of truth and trust. This group relates to me because want to share with others what I learn here, and take them through the full meaning of truth.
GROUP 10: LIght of the World Ministrys
- I joined the Light of the World Ministrys group because I wanted to read about and compare my beliefs with others who teach. This group relates to me because I believe in what their guidelines are and I hope to share what I learn with those who I teach about beliefs.


QUIZ 1: Bible Quiz
- Results
- I took the Bible Quiz to see how well I really new the bible. It relates to me because I am mentioned throughout the bible, and should know a lot about it. My job was to teach others what I believe in, which is based off of my knowledge about the bible.
QUIZ 2: What Country Are You?
- Results
- I took this quiz just to see for fun what country I was. It really has no relation to me, but it was interesting to see what questions determined what "country" I was. I guess you can see it relates to me in a way because it shows how I am interested in different cultures, that have different religions.
QUIZ 3: What Religion is for you?
- Results
- I took this quiz because I wanted to see if my results were my actual, true religion. It relates to me because I answered questions that were based off of what I believe in. The questions related to my religion and what my religion is all about.
QUIZ 4: What Do Others See You As?
- Results
- I took this quiz because I wanted to see what other people see me as. My results say I am super outgoing. I think that relates to me because I am an outgoing person, who reaches out to others as much as possible.
QUIZ 5: Are You A Leader Or A Follower?
- Results
- I took this quiz because I wanted to see if I really was considered a leader, or a follower. Most say I am a leader, but you never know. This quiz relates to me because in fact I am a leader because I go around and teach others my beliefs.

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