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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

- Basic Information
o Current City: Tehran, Iran
o Hometown: Aradan, Iran
o Sex: Male
o Birthday: October 28, 1956
o Political Views: Alliance of Builders of Islamic Iran
o Religious Views: Twelver Shi'a Islam
o Bio: My name is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and I am currently the President of Iran, the best country in the world. I was born in Aradan, Iran on October 28, 1956 and I was the fourth of seven children. My father, Ahmad was a hard-working blacksmith, who lived his life the way of the Qur'an and thought me everything I know about living as a muslim. My mother, Khanom was considered a Seyyede which mean that she could have been a decendent of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. In 2003, I became the Mayor of Tehran which was my first political job. Here, I made many reforms that previous moderate leaders had made including the law that municiple offices need to have seperate elevators for men and women. I am a firm believer in the idea that men are created superior to women and that women should follow all the rules that a typical Ismalic women is supposed to. In 2005, I ran for the presidential election of Iran and with the political help of the Alliance of Builders of Islamic Iran, I thought this could be hard but a possible task. I am the first president to openly spoke out against future relations with the United States and I stick by everything I have said about them. Also, I am not a supporter of the UN either. As I told Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting, "They are one sided and stacked against the world of Iran." I won the 2005 election with 62% of the votes and was able to kiss the great Ayatollah Khamenei's hand to authorize the presidency. I have vastly improved all of Iran and stuck up for what my country and I have thought, even it that means going up against the west. One of the most highly criticized acts of my presidencies have been my nuclear program that everyone seems to be so upset about. The west doesn't understand, but myself and the whole country of Iran are not trying to make nuclear bombs, we have been researching for peaceful purposes only. I have repeatly said this, but they still believe we are looking to uptain nuclear arms. I would have to agree, though, that having nuclear weapons would give Iran more control. For example, In May of 2009 we conducted long-range missile tests and I told the crowd that with my new Nuclear program we would be sending the west a message that, "the Islamic Republic of Iran is now running the show". I hope no one heard that because that could just cause the UN to bug me even more.
o Favorite Quotations:"It's possible and we can do it" (My Campaign Slogan)
- Relationships
o Mother: Khanom
o Father: Ahmad
o Daughters: One Daughter
o Sons: Two Sons
o Brothers: Four Brothers
o Sisters: Two Sisters
- Likes and Interest
o Activities: One of my favorite activities that I take part in while being President is making political reforms that help inforce that everyone follows Islamic views. A few of my favorite reforms was when I made all male city employees have beards and wear long sleeves, and when I made municiple offices have seperate elevators for men and women.
o Interests: I believe that I am a very simple man, I like to sit at home and read a good book when I am not too busy talking to my friend Ahotahlo Khomeini or controling the country of Iran. One of my big interests is just the idea of having control; I have always been a fan of controlling my own fate and I want to control the fate of all of Iran.
o Music: Vigen, introduced the guitar to Iranian music in the 1950's
o Books: 1984, this is exactly what I want my country to be run like.
o Movies: Love of Allah
o Television: I really only like Television shows that support my presidency. I don't want anyone to see that me being the president could be bad.
- Education and Work
o High School: Received my diploma and went straight to college
o College/University: University of Science and Technolgy Iran
o Employer: I have no employer, I am the President of Iran

Photos (15 photos; 5 in each album)
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Groups Click here to find a group to join! You must join 10 groups from this site and this site only!!
GROUP 1: We Hate Bush
- EXPLANATION: I wanted to join this group because I do indeed hate President Bush. My country and I never have had great relationships with the United States and Bush hasn't helped. He has created a war that has lead to American troops in my country.
GROUP 2: NUST( National Universities of Sciences and Technology)
- EXPLANATION: I joined this group because I am a huge fan of the idea of Science and Technology. I went to college at the University of Science and Technology in Iran. When I went there I immedietly fell in love with the idea. These days I am still a huge fan and want other people to work with me to increase the popularity of it.
GROUP 3: Islamic Community Net
- EXPLANATION: I joined this group because it focuses on the unity of all Islamic people. My religion is Shi'a Islam and I think that everyone should turn Islamic because its the best religion in the world. I would love to support people throughout the world in there effort to stay loyal to the religion.
GROUP 4: Islamic Economic Banking Group
- EXPLANATION: This group supports the economy of Islamic people and I am pretty much the creator of the best Islamic economy in the world. I run Iran which is a Islamic country. We have a great economy and I would have to support it in any way possible
GROUP 5: The Holocaust Never Happened
- EXPLANATION: I support this group because I have been quoted saying the Holocaust never actually did happen. I agree with what this group is saying. The United States has just been lying to the world about their findings in the Holocaust just in spite of Iran.
GROUP 6: Conspiracy Theory Politics
- EXPLANATION: I have always been known for having many conspiracy theories about the doings of the United States. For example, the United States created a whole lie and the events of 9/11 just so that they could have a whole war against terrorism. This is just one of many of the lies and fabrications that the U.S. and other western countries are creating.
GROUP 7: Iran election 2009
- EXPLANATION: I joined this group last year during the election. I was nervous that I might not be re-elected and I thought that if i got on the internet and started making things happen, it might help. Obviously it did help since I won the election anyway.
GROUP 8:Manfansclub
- EXPLANATION: This is a group for the biggest Mahmoud Ahmadinejad fans in the world and there is no fan bigger than myself. I run the best country in the world and practice the best religion. What more could you ask for?
GROUP 9: Iran Solidarity
- EXPLANATION: I am a fan of this group because it speaks highly of my country, Iran. It reinforces the belief that I have helped move Iran to bigger and better times. This is what I like to hear from my people and I always love hearing support for my country.
GROUP 10: Islamic_Ways
- EXPLANATION: I thought this would be a good group to join because it supports my favorite religion. I grew up Islamic and now I have lead a country to be lsIamic also. I believe in all the Islamic ways mention in this group and everyone in the world should too.

Quizzes Click here to find a quiz to take!
You must take at least 5 quizzes from this site and this site only!!
QUIZ 1: Which Store is best for you?
- RESULTS: Wet Seal
- EXPLANATION: I do not know why I was picked to have Wet Seal as my store. Wet Seal is a women's store and I would never want to be compared to a women. But maybe I might be able to find a few new rings or bracelets to show off my unbelievable power and wealth I have in my country.
QUIZ 2:Which feeling are you?
- RESULTS: Violet Sensation-
You don't care what other people think, say or do. You're just an independent person who love living life at it's fullest extreme. You would be a good politician as you are very good at debating. ROCK ON!!!
- EXPLANATION: I would have to agree with the explanation of "Violet Sensation". I would say that I am one of the greatest politicians in the world and I could debate anyone and win. Im a true believer in being independent and not listening to what people say, especially the United States.
QUIZ 3: Which Cartoon are you?
- RESULTS: Pocahontas
- EXPLANATION: I would usually compare myself to the complete opposite of this cartoon character. I am not loving or sweet, and especially I am not a girl. I have no idea how I got the answer of Pocahontas when I answer tough, aggressive and not afraid of anything.
QUIZ 4: What camp activity would you do Best?
- RESULTS: Sailing
- EXPLANATION: I have to agree with the result of this quiz. I am an independent person and sailing is a pretty independent activity. I love the idea of not having anyone around me nagging about how I should change this and that about Iran.
QUIZ 5: How should you spend your summer?
- RESULTS Live for the GAME!!!
- EXPLANATION: I have never been much a sports kinda guy, I've always been a fan of Science and Nerdy thing as you can see from the college I went to. I don't know if I would agree with this answer just because I get very few moments of free time when I am running a country. This really limits the time I can spend "Living for the Game!!!".

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