NAME: Saddam Hussein
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- Basic Information
o Current City: The Unknown
o Hometown: Tikrit District, Iraq
o Sex: Male
o Birthday: 28 April 1937
o Political Views: Dictatorship
o Religious Views: Sunni Muslim
o Bio: My name is Saddam Hussein. I was the dictator of Iraq from 1979 to 2003. As leader I lead Iraq through a decade-long war with Iran. I accomplished many other things as leader of Iraq, but many of my actions are still frowned upon to this day. The U.S. has played a huge part in opposition towards my choices of rule. They were actually the main cause of my ending of power. I still despise everything about America and the Americans who live there. I successfully invaded Kuwait, and of course the U.S. gets involved in other countries affairs instead of minding their own business. They ended up kicking me out of Kuwait in the Gulf War. At least I got out of there still in power. Bush could not stop me there! Then Bushes son took over. He ganged up with Britain and they finally knocked me out of power. That is when I disappeared trying to hide from my consequences. I was hanging out in this underground pit for a while in December 2003 when those annoying Americans captured me. They put me on trial for the deaths of the people in the town of Dujail. On 5 November 2006 I was convicted and sentenced to death by hanging. The sentence was upheld after appeal, and I was executed by hanging in Baghdad on the morning of 30 December 2006. It is not that fun to be hanged if you were not aware. So pretty much I was looking good as a leader and had the whole country in the palm of my hand, but then the U.S. had to intervene and ruin all the fun i was having. Hopefully my rein lives on as an example for all other dictators who want the same kind of rule I once had.
Favorite Quotations: Hussein said if United States attacked Iraq, it would be "the mother of all wars," giving rise to a multi-purpose catchphrase: "the mother of all (fill in the blank)"
- Relationships
o Mother: Subha Tulfah al-Musallat
Father: Hussein al-Majid
Daughters: Halan, Raghad and Rana Hussein
Sons: Odai and Qusai Hussein
o HAlf Brothers: Watban and Barzan Ibrahim
o Sisters: none
- Likes and Interest
o Activities: Hide and seek
o Interests: North Korea
o Music: Hardcore Metal
o Books: Anything about me
o Movies: World Trade Center
o Television: Rugrats
- Education and Work
o High School: Cairo Law School
o College/University: University of Bagdad
o Employer: Myself

Photos (15 photos; 5 in each album)
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ALBUM 2: Family
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ALBUM 3: Memories
Saddam%20Hussein%20hanging.jpgexternal image gulf_war2.jpgexternal image gulf-war-usa-iraq.jpgexternal image hole1215.jpgexternal image SADDAM_HUSSEINS_HOLE_COVER_BEING_LIFTED_BY_US_GI.jpg

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- EXPLANATION This is an advanced computer controls group. I would like to learn more about computers, and in their description it says the list owner acts like a dictator. Which I respect.
GROUP 2: tips_and_tricks
- EXPLANATION This is a group for people of law. Since I went to law school I feel I could actually have an intelligent conversation with the members of this group.
GROUP 3: Cold Cases
- EXPLANATION This group investigates murders that are classified as unknown. I better keep an eye out for them, hopefully I figure out how they caught me with the crimes I committed so it will not happen again.
GROUP 4: SpecialOperationsWar
- EXPLANATION I like this group because it helps me learn new military strategies.
GROUP 5: iraq_fun_and_only_fun
- EXPLANATION This group is interesting because i can actually read it because it is written in my native language.
GROUP 6: Arab-Girls-Gallery
- EXPLANATION I have a wife, but that doesn't mean i can't like an Arab Women group.
GROUP 7: NucNews
- EXPLANATION This gives me the latest information on the nuclear weapon technology.
GROUP 8: MVlist
- EXPLANATION I like this group because it updates me on the new military vehicles that come out.
GROUP 9: Weapons
- EXPLANATION Of course I am going to like a group thats simply called "Weapons."
GROUP 10: Military_radars
- EXPLANATION this must be how they found me. A radar could explain how they found me hiding underground.

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QUIZ 1: Which camp activity would you do best?
- EXPLANATION I feel as though I fit this description only because I am a little on the chubby side. Also because my love for food grow about 10 times since I was hiding in that underground cave. I was dying for food in there...literally.
QUIZ 2: Which feeling are you?
- RESULTS Violet Sensation
- EXPLANATION It says I am independent and would be a very good politician. This is because I am good at debating. This description fits me perfectly even though I do not like the color violet very much.
QUIZ 3: Colour Meanings- What does your favorite colour mean?
- EXPLANATION Black is my favorite color. I like it because it gives me a mysterious aura.
Also because not many people know the logic behind my actions.
QUIZ 4: What time of day are you?
- RESULTS Evenings
- EXPLANATION I do think that this fits me because I love the evenings. I have always loved watching the sunset. I feel as though all the chaos in my life is over once the sun goes down.
QUIZ 5: Are you a beast at Modern Warfare 2?
- RESULTS Pretty Pro
I will take anyone down anyday at a Call of Duty competition. No doubt I'm the best on the block. Lets just say I pown noobs in modern warfare video games...and real life.

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