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Susan Rice
- Basic Information
o Current City: Washington DC
o Hometown: Washington DC
o Sex: Female
o Birthday: November 17, 1964
o Political Views: Democratic Party
o Religious Views: Presbyterian
o Bio: Hola! My name is Susan Rice. I was born outside of Washington DC area on November 17, 1964. My Mom and Dad both teach at major colleges. I received a ton of support from them and my brother growing up! I attended an all girls high school,I played 3 sports and people used to call me "Sportin". I received National Honors and even won Valedictorian at the National Cathedral School. From there, I went to Stanford University. When I graduated, I had earned several scholarships and decided to go to New College, Oxford. There, my teachers gave me the boost I needed to get involved with politics and serving our nation, and our world. After that, I started working for some major corporations such as McKinley & Copany, but I realized it wasnt for me. I dove into politics serving as President Clinton's advisor and thenPresident Obama's chief and helped him along the way to become the 2010 president. They both won! Also, I have been elected as the permanent Ambassador of the United Nations, representing the United States. I served on the National Security Council and I was an Assistant Secretary of State for the American Affairs in Clinton's Second Election. My duty of serving the UN includes keeping world peace and keeping country's strong beliefs balanced. I am the 27th United States Ambassador for the United Nations. Not only am I talented at my career, I won Galmour Magazine's Woman of the Year Award!! It is probably one of my favorite awards because it shows how versatile I am. I enjoy keeping peace and love in the world and I am attempting at bringing more of that to the world. Right now, we are discussing Darfur and Iraq and Afghanistan. The United Nations is a power house of education and knowledge and I am glad I can bring what I have to the table. Now you know me, Susan Rice!
o Favorite Quotations: "Never let race as an excuse or advantage."
- Relationships

o Mother: Lois Dickson Fitt
o Father: Emmett J. Rice
o Daughters: n/a
o Sons: n/a
o Brothers: John Rice
o Sisters: n/a

  • Significant Other: Ian Cameron

Likes and Interest
o Activities: Schooling, Family, Sports, News, Journalism
o Interests: Government, Law, Peace, United Nations Affairs
o Music: Jazz, R&B
o Books:Travel Perspectives (written by me!)
o Movies: I prefer the News
o Television: CNN, MSNBC
Education and Work
o High School: National Cathedral School, Washington DC
o College/University: New College and Stanford
o Employer: Obama, Clinton. United States Government, United Nations

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Democratic Party
- EXPLANATION: Susan Rice is a member of the Democratic Party and served President Barrack Obama in his 2009 elections for presidency.

GROUP 2: Presbyterian
- EXPLANATION Religion is a huge part of my life. I live my life by the guidelines of the bible and simply what I think is wrong and right. I use my religious background to make many of the choices I make is the UN.

GROUP 3: Stanford!
- EXPLANATION I went to school at Stanford and it provided me with some of the happiest times of my life. I got to travel, meet new people, and most importantly learn. I decided to get my degrees there because of the excellent educational program.

GROUP 4: Obama 2008
- EXPLANATION I served as Obama's presidential advisor in the 2008 election. It was an enlightening experience and I hope to serve him again for a second presidency. I like to think I help him win that :)

- EXPLANATION I grew up in Washington DC. Its my home town and I love it! I now work there for many of my jobs and it feels good to be back. Washington DC is a thriving area filled with fun things to do.

GROUP 6: Education
- EXPLANATION Education is the key to any successful career. I went through years and years of education and hard work and now I'm on top. I like to think that in time, all children of the US will have an education that can carry them through life.

- EXPLANATION Ohana means family. Growing up, my family was my light and they gave me inspiration and confidence in myself. Although my career is important, I love my family and my husband.

GROUP 8: United Nations
- EXPLANATION The UN is keeping the peace all throughout the world. We are keeping a balance of arguments and political beliefs. I am the 27th UN ambassador!

GROUP 9: ObamaBiden2008
- EXPLANATION I had the sincere pleasure of working side by side with two powerful hard working men. Obama and Biden are a good pair and will serve this nation well. We travelled the country and even had a few laughs.

- EXPLANATION There is no other thing better than a peaceful world. I serve the United Nations with all intentions of keeping peace and order, similar to Confucianism!


QUIZ 1: Republican or Democrat?
- RESULTS Democrat!
- EXPLANATION I support the people. In my eyes, our citizens come first and that is why I served President Obama in the 2008 election. He is a great representation of a Democratic Leader.

QUIZ 2: What kind of college should you go to?
- RESULTS Ivy League
- EXPLANATION I have worked very hard throughout my schooling career. I have studied to go to the top colleges such as Stanford and Oxford. There I want to get degrees that will further me in life.

QUIZ 3 What's your inner element?
- RESULTS The Chaos of Shadows
- EXPLANATION I am a mysterious person and my thoughts are deep in my head. When I speak, I speak my mind which helps me at places like the United Nations. I am a leader and people follow me with great confidence in success.

QUIZ 4: What color are you?
- EXPLANATION My favorite color and my personal color is Blue. Blue is all over my closet considering its the democratic party color! Blue is a trusting and subtle color.

QUIZ 5: What do others see in you?
- RESULTS Quiet Thunder
Others see me as a "Quiet Thunder" because of my ability to act quickly and quietly. Although I am shy, I have a strong social life and tend to be the leading role in any activity.

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