Nelson Mandela

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- Basic Information
o Current City: Qunu, Transkei
o Hometown: Qunu, Transkei
o Sex: Male
o Birthday:July 18, 1918
o Political Views:African National Congress (ANC)
o Religious Views: Christian
o Bio:
I am Nelson Mandela, the former president of South Africa. I was born on July 18, 1918 into the Tembu people. My father, Henry, was the tribal chief. Growing up my education was solely to prepare me to take over after my father. After my father's death i was sent to a Methodist boarding school where I became a strong Christian. In 1934 I returned to my village for three months of ceremonies that marked my passage to adulthood, but I later renounced my right as my father's successor. I entered Fort Hare University in 1938 so I could start my legal and political career. My education there only lasted two years because I was expelled in 1948 after taking part in a student protest. I finished my law education in 1942 at Witwatersrand University. I founded the ANC youth league in 1944 with Walter Sisulu. I was elected the ANC president in 1952 and after leading a civil disobedience campaign I was arrested with 8,500 other people. After being banned from any political meetings I reorganized the ANC so the meetings were very secretive. I was arrested again in 1956 and charged with treason but was later found not guilty. Following the Sharpeville Massacre I went underground and considered starting a guerrilla army because my nonviolence was always met by police. I went to Ethiopia in 1962 to talk about my new ideas at the Pan-African Freedom Movement's meeting. Following my return to South Africa in July I was captured and imprisoned. I was held for 28 years in the Robben Island fortress, which is seven miles offshore. While I was in prison my wife Winnie Madikizela- Mandela worked to get people to oppose the government outside of the prison. The "Free Mandela" campaign started in 1982 and that was when I was moved to a prison in Cape town. I was told i could be released many times if I renounced my political opposition, but i refused because I wanted to stand up for what I believe in. In 1988 my 70th birthday was celebrated with a television concert and it was shown in over 50 countries. I started to feel as if the international community cared about what was happening to me. I was released in 1990 when the government ban on the ANC was lifted. in 1993 i was honored with the nobel peace prize for my efforts to lead South Africa towards democracy. Elections were held in 1994 and I was voted South Africa's first black president. Sadly Winnie and I divorced in 1996, but in 1998 on my 80th birthday I married Graca Machel. In 1997 I stepped down as head of the ANC, and deputy president Thabo Mbeki took over for me. On March 26, 1999 I delivered my final address to parliament. I am now living in my birth place of Qunu, Transeki, and I still remain one of South Africa's most revered leaders.
o Favorite Quotations: "I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is no he who does not feel, but he who conquers that fear."
- Relationships
o Mother: Nonqaphi Nosekeni
o Father: Henry Mgada Mandela
o Daughters: Makaziwe, Zeni and Zindzi
o Sons: Thembi and Mkgatho
o Sisters:Lieby Piliso
o Wife: Graca Machel
- Likes and Interest
o Activities: Exercising and Nelson Mandela Children foundation
o Interests: Sunsets, Music, Sports
o Music: Paul Robeson
o Books: Long Walk to Freedom
o Movies: Son of Africa, Father of a Nation
o Television: The News, National Geographic Channel
- Education and Work
o High School: Healdtown Methodist Boarding School
o College/University:Fort Hare University
o Employer: Retired


Groups Click here to find a group to join! You must join 10 groups from this site and this site only!!
GROUP 1: Africannationalcongress
- EXPLANATION: I chose this group because it was a group about the ANC. I helped start the ANC and was president of it for many years. Due to the fact I was so involved for so long I still want to show my support.
GROUP 2: World Cup 2010 South Africa
- EXPLANATION: This group is informing the world about what will be taking place in South Africa this summer. The World Cup will hopefully help boost our country's economy. I think this will also be a positive experience for the South African people.
GROUP 3: skif8
- EXPLANATION: I am supporting this group because the event it is promoting was sponsored by my foundation, Nelson Mandela Children's Foundation. My foundation works with events around the world to promote itself.
GROUP 4: Aids-Africa
- EXPLANATION: AIDS is effecting people all over the world, but Africans are really being hit hard by this awful disease.
GROUP 5: GodBeloved
- EXPLANATION: This group fits me well because I am a very religious person. After going to a Methodist boarding school I realized how important religion was to me. Religion has helps me keep a calm mind through all the trials and tribulations that I have gone through.
GROUP 6: ufhdipacc2005
- EXPLANATION: This is a group from the first university I attended. Although I only spent two years there it was a great experience. I will also support anyone who values their education.
GROUP 7:African_Union
- EXPLANATION: This is a group where issues are raised and discussed. I find it necessary for people to talk about the problems they see and collaborate on how to better life for the African people.
GROUP 8: Freecycle Cape Town
- EXPLANATION: his group donates items to people in Cape Town South Africa where I was imprisoned for many years. It is important to donate to those who are less fortunate and I believe we should all try to help each other.
GROUP 9: Malaria
- EXPLANATION: Malaria is a disease that is spread by misquotes. It is very common in Africa. Awareness needs to be brought to this problem because many people are not aware of the toll it takes on families.
GROUP 10: Oxford_Africa_Link
- EXPLANATION: The group brings awareness to poverty in Africa. Many people know about poverty in Africa but I don't think they know how big of a problem it actually is. We are all one large community on planet Earth and we need to learn how to help each other.

Quizzes Click here to find a quiz to take!
You must take at least 5 quizzes from this site and this site only!!
QUIZ 1: How do you act under pressure?
- RESULTS: Calm, cool and collected
- EXPLANATION: As a politician and a protester things aren't always going to go as planned. In those situations I need to be able to handle my self politely. Also after being arrested multiple times I had to know how to act when my future was on the line.
QUIZ 2: Do you speak your mind?
- RESULTS: Definitely
- EXPLANATION: I have been speaking my mind or as long as I can remember. I have been arrested for protesting against the government and involving my self in politics to help others. I believe everyone should be heard and no one should be silenced.
QUIZ 3:What kind of personality are you?
- RESULTS: Happy
- EXPLANATION: After being in prison for so long I realized I need to live my life to the fullest and be happy with who I am. I'm proud of what i have done in the past to get where I am. Overall I am happy with the way I chose to live my life.
QUIZ 4:What is your leadership type?
- RESULTS: Lion- Natural Leader
- EXPLANATION: I was born in to a family with leaders in it already. I never thought of not speaking my mind or fighting for what I believe in. I also believe it is important to help those who are afraid to speak up.
QUIZ 5:What government are you?
- RESULTS: Democracy
- EXPLANATION: This result fits me very well. I won the Nobel Peace Prize for promoting democracy in South Africa. I also believe it is important that everyone has a say in what is going on in their country.