Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha)
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- Basic Information

o Current City: Throughout Northeastern India

o Hometown: Lumbini (Present Day Nepal)

o Sex: Male

o Birthday: 566 BC

o Political Views: N/A

o Religious Views: Buddhism

o Bio: I was born in Lumbini Nepal, and my mother died on the day of my birth. I was brought up by my Aunt, Maha Pajapati, who along with my father gave me every material thing I could ever want. I had three palaces and was once married an has a son named Rahula, but I finally decided to leave my father's kingdom to see the many people in the kingdom. I left my father's kingdom at age 29, and wanted to find a new truth more important than material wealth. I then went on the great departure, where I starved myself because of all the the old peasants I saw in the street who also were starving. My father tried to hide this truth that many in the world starved and were poor, but after seeing and old man I knew this too be true and realized also that everyone becomes old. After this, I then went to a Bodhi tree and decided to meditate until I became enlightened. Some who also believed in the same things I did were with me, but I refused to leave the tree until I found a greater truth so they all left after a few days. I meditated under the tree for 49 days until I was enlightened and embodied the middle way, the belief that one should rid themselves of all carvings. After becoming enlightened I was known as Buddha because of my new awakening. Then I wandered through northern India spreading my teachings of dharma to others, and becoming a teacher so others could learn about the pathway that I believe they should follow.

o Favorite Quotations:
"Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts." - Myself
"Do not injure any being, either strong or weak in the world." - Myself
"Mindfulness is the aware, balanced acceptance of the present experience. It isn't more complicated than that. It is open to or receiving the present moment, pleasant or unpleasant, just as it is, without either clinging to it or rejecting it." - Sylvia Boorstein
- Relationships

o Mother: Queen Maha Maya

o Father: King Suddhodana

o Daughters: N/A

o Sons: Rahula

o Brothers: N/A

o Sisters: N/A

- Likes and Interest

o Activities: Spreading my beliefs, "dharma", throughout northern India.

o Interests: Religion, Enlightenment, Learning, Knowledge, Helping those less fortunate.

o Music: Anything calm and soothing, that is upbeat but also has a darker side which reflects the suffering in life.

o Books: The Four Noble Truths, The Noble Eightfold Path.

o Movies: Robert Thurman on Buddhism, Zen Buddhism: In Search of Self, The Journey Into Buddhism Collection

o Television: I would not watch television because of the commercials that represent a need for materialistic items and wealth.

- Education and Work

o High School: N/A

o College/University: N/A

o Employer: Myself

My Early Life:
Buddhist Monks Today:
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San Mat Fellowship

This group is focused on history of India, Indian beliefs, and also Buddhism.

Many Paths of Natural Learning

This group focuses on the importance of self motivation, and that you should follow a path in your life. (I told others to follow a path he created.)

Pravs World

This group is a large web group that focuses on inspiration and peace. I believed peace was very important and no one should be harmed.

USEF Nepal

This group is important to me because it focuses on education, which it is important to learn new ideas, and also is an organization in Nepal which is where I was born.

Friends of India

This group is a gathering of Indians who share culture and other interests, which is related to me because Buddhism began in India.

Buddha in the City

This group links buddhists all around the world to my religion and also has articles about buddhism.

The Buddha's Noble Eightfold Path

This group discusses a different part of the Eightfold Path each week, which is important because each individual part of the Path makes up the whole.


This is an American-Buddhist group set in North Carolina. I'm glad to see my teachings have spread throughout the world and are experienced by many all over.

The Daily Enlightenment

This group is for my teachings of enlightenment which many interpret still today.


I like this group because it brings together buddhist ideas from all over the world into one place to compare and contrast.


Result: Buddhism

Explanation: I embody Buddhism because this is the beliefs I based my life around. I answered the questions based on I how felt others should be treated and whether or not I believed in a god(s). My result is based on all that I have learned while becoming enlightened and freeing myself of cravings and want.
Result: Dynamic Learner
Explanation: I understand why I am a dynamic learner because I enjoy exploring new ideas and thinking about things from a different perspective. The quiz also told me I am a leader, which is true because I wish to let others know about Buddhism and how it can make your life better. It is also true that sometimes I take a long time to accomplish things because I left my father's domain so late and also did not develop many of my ideas until age 35, but I still can accomplish strong ideas even though it may take me longer.

Result: Yes

Explanation: After taking the religion quiz, I decided to see why I believe Buddhism is right for me. The quiz asked questions like what I believe in. I answered happiness because it is more important than material wealth. Happiness is what fuels a person, so why surround yourself with war and fighting when it never brings any good. Another important question was wether I talked to god lately. I do not believe in god, bur rather spirits and in the power of learning. Knowledge is key and ideas are what fuels the mind, and what keeps your mind strong and at peace.

Result: Democratic

Explanation: My mother died during child birth, so this quiz is mainly focused on my father. My father let me make many decisions by myself and only supplied me with material goods. I believe that since my father gave me so much freedom that is why I am a free thinker and have unlocked so many powerful ideas. My father certainly had some boundaries and cared about my well being though, seeing as I did not leave his kingdom until 29 years of age. This was partly because I was happy with my life, but after beginning to think of the true happiness material wealth brings I sought after a bigger truth.

Result: Really Kind

Explanation: It is very important to be kind to everyone. No one deserves to be harmed, and I would never harm anyone or anything. You will always be happy if you rid yourself of want and cravings, so therefore you'll never have to pretend to be happy just to make others feel good. The sensation of happiness is what I base my beliefs on, so I knew I would get the quiz result of very kind.