Miyamoto Musashi ( 宮本 武蔵 )

- Basic Information
o Current City: Reigando, Kumamoto
o Hometown: Harima Province
o Sex: Male
o Birthday: June 13, 1584
o Political Views: Pro - Tokugawa
o Religious Views: Respect Buddha and the gods without counting on their help
o Bio:
I was born Shinmen Musashi no Kami Fujiwara no Genshin in the Banshu province of Japan, June 13th 1584. I was raised by my uncle Dorin in the Shoreian Temple. My father, Shinmen Munisai, taught me basic swordplay. However, this did not last for long before he had to move away. At the age of 13, a man called Arima Kihei challenged the people of my village to a duel. I accepted his challenge and thus, fought and killed him using only a training sword. Three years later, I left home and started my pilgrimage to become a warrior. Due to an alliance made by my father, I fought on the side of the Toyotomi Clan against the Tokugawas. Unfortunately, we lost the battle and I barely escaped with my life. Over the next several years, I traveled across Japan training. It was during this time that I developed my famous two-sword style of Kenjutsu, called “Hyoho Niten Ichiryu.” At around the age of 21, I defeated the Yoshiaki School in front of the Shogun , and was granted the title of “Best in Japan.” After doing so, I continued my travels and defeated many practioners of the martial arts. I fought my most famous battle on April 13th 1612 against Sasaki Kojiro, a martial artist considered my equal, and an expert in the long sword. I arrived at the battle several hours late, carrying an oar that I had carved into a sword. This enraged Kojiro, who attacked first. Unfortunately, I had made my sword several inches longer than normal and was easily able to block and counter, thus defeating him in a single blow. Over my lifetime, I have defeated over 60 opponents in one on one duels, fought in 6 battles, and written several books concerning my style of kenjutsu, “Hyoho Niten Ichiryu.” I feel that in the future, I will become a character similar to the Western Hero, Robin Hood. The Japanese government will name a battleship after me, and movies, novels, and manga, will be written about my life. I will die in the Reigando cave at the age of 61, shortly after finishing my final and greatest work, Gorin No Sho.

o Favorite Quotations:
  • "The Way of the warrior does not include other Ways, such as Confucianism, Buddhism, certain traditions, artistic accomplishments, or dancing. But even though these are not part of the Way, if you know the Way broadly you will see it in everything. Men must polish their particular Way."
  • “Generally speaking, the Way of the warrior is resolute acceptance of death”
  • “Aspire to be like Mt. Fuji, with such a broad and solid foundation that the strongest earthquake cannot move you, and so tall that the greatest enterprises of common men seem insignificant from your lofty perspective. With your mind as high as Mt Fuji you can see all things clearly. And you can see all the forces that shape events; not just the things happening near to you.”

- Relationships
o Mother: Unknown
o Father: Shinmen Munisai 新免無二斎
o Daughters: None
o Sons: Miyamoto Mikinosuke , Miyamoto Iori
o Brothers: Shirota Musashi
o Sisters: None
- Likes and Interest
o Activities: Dueling, Sumi-e, Calligraphy, Philosophy, Kenjutsu (Hyōhō Niten Ichi-ryū),
o Interests: Learning new things, tea drinking
o Music: Rock, J-pop, Classical
o Books: Gorin No Sho , Vagabond, Lord Of The Rings, Hyoho Shiji ni Kajo, Dokkodo
o Movies: The Patriot, Live Free Die Hard Series, Enter the Dragon, Action Movies
o Television: 24, Military Channel,
- Education and Work
o High School: Self taught
o College/University: Self Taught
o Employer: None (Freelance Ronin)

Photos (15 photos; 5 in each album)
ALBUM 1: Residences

ALBUM 2: Art Work

ALBUM 3: Writings and Other Creations

GROUP 1: Martial Arts History
The reason I joined this group is quite obvious for anyone who knows me. I have dedicated my life to perfecting my own style of martial art. However, for one to create he must also know what is and was so as not to repeat the same mistakes.

GROUP 2: Calligraphy
A samurai is not a samurai until he has mastered activities outside killing. Calligraphy is one of the activities that I have worked to to do this with. I like how this group provides instuction in this art.

GROUP 3: Writing Tips
I have written several books concerning strategy and swordplay. This group has come in use at times when I have writers block. It is also a great site to concest with other writes and share ideas.

GROUP 4: Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee, though not a true warrior, has done his best to master and keep alive the martial spirit. He has worked long and hard to master his art. It is because of his dedication and skill that I have joined this group.

GROUP 5: Bushido_budo
I have lived my life according to Bushido. Though I have bloodied my hands with the blood of countless individuals, I feel that I have fought honorably and according to the way of Bushido. I feel that Bushido an excellent way to live one's life, however it is not the only way.

GROUP 6: Atheists
This group aligns with my view of the gods. Though I feel that Buddha and the gods should be respected, one should not rely them doing anything. In my experience, I have never experienced something that proved their existence.

GROUP 7: AikidoPapa
Aikido is a very useful martial art to know. Should one be disarmed or not have a weapon on them, Aikido is an excellent style to both gain control on the opponent, dodge, and disarm them. I appreciate this style and its effectiveness.

GROUP 8: Kendoclub
With everyone using guns, I can see why the sword with become obsolete in the future. However, I like how the once violent skill has taken on a new face in the world of sport. This is not a martial art though, since true martial art is a tool of war.

GROUP 9: Chinese Painting
This style of painting closely resembles the art of Sumi-e, which I have practiced for many years. I find this art to be an excellent addition to the library of skills a samurai should have. I like how this group provides ideas and instruction on the art.

GROUP 10: ZenLiving
Meditation and Zen are both important aspects of a Samurai's life. They enable him to control his emotions and focus both on the battle field and off. I appreciate this group for the aid it gives in helping one master these things.

QUIZ 1: What martial art should you study?:
Muay Thai! A type of Kickboxing, the Martial Sport Muay Thai was developed in Thailand by King Naresuen in 1560 when he was captured by the Burmese. His captors promised him freedom if he could defeat their champion. He used his skills to defeat the champion, and from then on Muay Thai has been the national sport of Thailand. Muay Thai is a BRUTAL sport, where you use your "8 Limbs" (hands, elbows, feet, knees) to defeat an opponent. This isn't for the faint of heart! It's perfectly legal in most tournaments to grab an opponent's head and slam it into your knee! So if you're tough and don't mind the crap being beat out of you, then this is the sport for you! Here's a good Muay Thai website: www.thaiboxing.com
I answered the questions in a very practical way. Martial arts are tools of war, as such the one that enables me to best defend myself is the one I want to study. No spirituality or gymnastics are needed for this.

QUIZ 2: What time of day are you?
I have a somewhat dark character, as such for questions involving color I chose the darker shades. I also have a somewhat Zen side based in Bushido. I, when not off dueling people, spent time meditating, relaxing, and practicing Sword. This is similar to midnight, a time that is both mysterious and quiet.

QUIZ 3: What kind of Novel are you?

Suspense and action, you live in a big thriller. You are fighting against the other in almost everything, even if you don't know who the other party.

I was a very active person. I have traveled all over Japan in search of people with which I could duel or train. I also work to perfect everything I do, whether it be art, writing, or swordplay. Due to this, my life has been quite extreme.

QUIZ 4: Whats you magic power?
Your power is dark, the power to manipulate, create and destroy mater. This power is not to be messed with or else something horrible might happen. Be wise with it.
When answering this quiz, I thought about which power would most use to help me in battle. One of the questions asked about eye color. For this, I felt that it was most likely green or brown. I researched
the eye color common to most Japanese, which turned out to be dark brown. Darkness, also known as void is the fith of the five elements and is also one of the scrolls in my book Gorin No Sho. It describes me because I constantly try to out-think my opponents and defeat their strategies.

QUIZ 5: Which feeling are you?

The feeling that suits you is Timber Country. You're the kind of person that likes to be out doors and a little bit of dust don't do you harm. You have good working skills and you are a great example of someone who shows perseverence. ROCK ON!!!
I spent several years in the jungle, training. For favorite color I answered greens and browns, since I like the liveliness of these colors despite the violence and death seen everywhere. However, I have had quite a rough life and tried to reflect this in my answers.