Ban Ki-moon
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- Basic Information
o Current City: I am a personal resident of Seoul, Korea but as Secretary General I will be living in New York, New York.
o Hometown:
Eumseong, Japanese Korea
o Sex: Male
o Birthday: June 13th, 1944
o Political Views: Democracy
o Religious Views: Non-denominational Christian
o Bio:
I was born on June 13, 1944 in Eumseong, Korea, while Korea was still under Japanese control. When I was in first grade I moved to a nearby town, Chungju, where I grew up. During my childhood, my father had a warehouse business, but the warehouse went bankrupt and my family lost its middle-class standard of living. When I was six, my family fled to a remote mountainside for the duration of the Korean War. After the war ended, my family returned to Chungju. When I was 18 years old and still in high school, I met my future wife, Madam Yoo Soon-taek. She was the student council president and I knew that we would forever be together. We eventually had one son and two beautiful daughters together. Throughout the years I have received numerous national and international prizes, medals and honors. In 1975, 1986 and again in 2006, I was awarded the Republic of Korea's Highest Order of Service Merit for service to my country. In April 2008, I was awarded the dignity of the “Grand-Croix de L'Ordre National” (Grand Cross of the National Order) in Burkina Faso, and in the same month received the “Grand Officier de L'Ordre National” (Grand Officer of the National Order) from the Government of Côte d'Ivoire. I was the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade of the Republic of Korea until January 2004. Then on January 1, 2007 I became the eighth Secretary-General of the United Nations. I have served for a total of 37 years on the global stage as well as in government. I am very committed to my work and am a no play type of a person. I rarely ever take vacations or leaves unless absolutely necessary. I have learned quite a lot through my various jobs. I speak Korean, English, and French and have traveled to many places around the world.
Favorite Quotations:

"I've had 35 years of honeymoon." - Myself
"I'm sorry for my family, but even if I can't take care of my home, I have to do my job first." - Myself

- Relationships
o Mother: Mrs. Ban
o Father: Mr. Ban
o Wife: Madam Yoo Soon-taek
Daughters: Seon-yong and Hyun-hee
o Sons: Woo-hyun
Brothers: None
o Sisters: None
- Likes and Interest
o Activities:
Reading, traveling, and working
o Interests: Politics, peace, and family
o Music: Classical
o Books: The Book of Peace and United Nations: The First Fifty Years
o Movies: Saving Private Ryan, Mash, and 2012
o Television: Anything on the History channel or Discovery channel
- Education and Work
o High School: Seoul High School
o College/University
: I received a bachelor's degree in international relations from Seoul National University in 1970. In 1985, I earned a master's degree in public administration from the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University. In July 2008, i received an honorary Doctoral Degree from Seoul National University.
o Employer: United Nations - Secretary General

ALBUM 1: Myself
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ALBUM 2: Impotant events
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ALBUM 3: Interaction with others

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GROUP 1: Countries and Cultures
- EXPLANATION: I choose to join this group becuase for my job I have to work with all diiferent kinds of people from different cultures, in many countries. I love to learn about different countries and how I can make the people happy, while still being fair. Also, for people to like and support me, I need to be able to relate to them and be sympathetic towards them. The more I know about others, the better I can do my job.

GROUP 2: Issues and causes
- EXPLANATION: I like to be informed about the various issues around the world. This is becuase it is my responsibility to try and help to solve these issues. Also, if I knew the causes to the problems, I could try to prevent them from happening again. No matter how serious the problem is, it is important to try your hardest to not let it happen again.

GROUP 3: Politics
- EXPLANATION: A big part of my job is dealing with poltics all around the world. The more I know about politics the better I can be at my job. If I know all sides to an issue than I believe there is more that I can do to help. Although everyone, including myself, will not always get their way, it is important to recognize the beliefs and values of everyone. There is both positive and negative to all sides of politics and although you may disagree with someone, you have to respect the fact that they have their beliefs and although they may not be the same as yours that doesn't mean that there is any right or wrong.

- EXPLANATION: Of course I need to know the law to do my job becuase I deal with the law all the time. There would be serius consequences for me if I did not follow the law. I feel that it is very important that everyone follows the law in order to keep a well organized and smoothly running society. Although even I think that the law is not always fair, everyone has to follow the same rules and regulations.

GROUP 5: News and Media
- EXPLANATION: For my job I constantly have to know what is going on around the world. It is important that I am caught up on all of the news to be able to reach my full potential in doing my job. As much as I would love to be able to take a break from all of the craziness that goes on in the world, I can't. I am also constantly dealing with the media. It seems like everywhere I go there is someone there wanting to know more and more. It doesn't take long to get fed up with all of the people who just want to know everything.

- EXPLANATION: Trade is obviously very important to the entire world. It is what forms as well as destroys relationships between companies, but is essential to a funtioning world, no matter what. Trade is what allows countries to prosper as well as other diminish. With these ups and downs, countries are taught critical lessons in what they need to do and how they need to do it in order to be a functioning and prosperous country.

GROUP 7: Companies
- EXPLANATION: I support the companies that are improving the world's society. There are many companies that I feel are just hurting the world, no matter what their intentions are. These companies either need to be shut down or dealt with in some other way. I realize that this is not easy but for out future to strive we cannot have these companies hurting us. There are also many beneficial companies that need to be supported in order for them to be helpful in the future.

GROUP 8: Public Relations
- EXPLANATION: I have to interact with all sorts of people all the time. I feel that it is essential to present yourself well and be polite no matter who you are talking to. If you treat other well and fairly, they will most likely treat you the same way. You never know when you may need their help so if you treat them well now, they are more likely to help you out in the future.

GROUP 9: Youth
- EXPLANATION: I feel that it is very important that we educate our youth well. They are the ones that are going to have to deal with our mistakes as well as benefit from our acheivements. They could either go far and help our planet in the future or destroy the earth and only cause more trouble in the world. A lot of the future is up to our generation becuase the youth will go in whatever direction we teach them to.

GROUP 10: Health Care
- EXPLANATION: I care a lot about health care because I feel that no matter who you are it is important that you are healthy. I know that if I were placed in a position where I was denied health care and it was imminent that I needed it, I would be increadibly upset. I realize that it is close to impossible to actually guaruntee everyone around the world the same health care benefits, but I will do whatever I can to make a difference in as many people as I can. Even if it is just a few people, I will know that I have made a positive difference in their life and maybe they will then go and help someone else.

QUIZ 1: What's your magical power?
- RESULTS: Dark - The power to manipulate, create and destroy mater. This power is not to be messed with or else something horrible might happen. Be wise with it.
- EXPLANATION: I am dark becuase I have power and influence. I have the power to make drastic changes and can affect many people all around the world. If I misuse my power though something horrible could happen, just like the results say. There are many things that I could do that could positively and negatively influence just about the entire world.

QUIZ 2: Which feeling are you?
- RESULTS: Bohemian Lush - You're a natural person that sees people for who they are and no one ever sees you as a threat. You're cheerful, bubbly, positive and full of life. Those are very good qualities that others may envy.
- EXPLANATION: I definately have many good qualities that other people envy. Being so high up in power, there are many people who are interested in what I do. I also see everyone for who he or she is because for my job I work with many different people and I have to be completely honest with them. I also see their true opinions and try as hard as I can not to judge them. Lastly, I try to be as livily as possible becuase when you have as a big a responsiblility as I do, you need to be positive and happy to give off the right impression.

What kind of novel are you?
- RESULTS: Classic english novel - You live your classic English novel. Your rules are simple, and if ignored the result is complicated.
- EXPLANATION: Although I live a rather complicated and hectic life, my rules are simple. I follow the rules and as long as everyone else does then everything is fine. When other people do something wrong my responsiblity is to step in and do something about it. Many times what I have to do is in fact very complicated, and the same goes for me. When I do something wrong things can get very crazy throughout the entire world.

What type of doodle are you?
- RESULTS: People(faces) - You like learning new things. You are smart and kind. You work hard for what you want. You study people, watching their reactions and body language. You have a lot of determination.
- EXPLANATION: I absolutely like learning new things. Everyday I am faced with new adventures, good and bad. I am also very smart, I got a great education and am very knowledgable about many different topics all around the world. For my job, I feel that I work harder than many people and although I dont always get the outcome that I want, I do try as hard as I can to make it happen. I have to study all different kinds of people becuase I work with people from all around the world and I need to be able to understand all of them and where they are coming from. I have an increadible amount of determination for everything that I do and I am constantly trying to do whats best for the world.

What time of day are you?
- RESULTS: Midnight - You are a but mysterious in a way. You are a bit of a loner and you love to dream. You like unusual, exotic, things and have quite a vivid imagination.
- EXPLANATION: Many people do think that I am mysterious becuase much of the work that I do is private. Although I love people, I could be mistaken as a loner becuase a lot of what I do has to be handled secretively and carefully, meaning not a lot of people can be involved. I am always dreaming of a perfect world, which is a big par of why I do what I do, to try and make a difference. I do like exotic things from all around ​the world. I love to travel and imagine how I can help people throughout the entire world.

Osama Bin-Laden: I feel that I am the most different from him becuase all I want to do is keep the peace in the world. Obviously, Osama has other ideas. Although he may think what he is doing is necessary, it is harming a huge part of the world. He is not doing anything to try and keep or restore peace in the world, he is the one disturbing any peace. Overall, we would not get along very well and obviously have very different views on the world.

Ellie Wiesel: I think that I am most similar to him becuase we have very similar foundations in our beliefs. First off, we both are all for having peace amoung the people of the world. We also both grew up in a very different situation than many people today would have. We both think that people should be treated equally not matter who they are and no matter what people may do to us, we are willing to forgive and not hold grudges.