Osama bin Laden

Basic Information
o Current City: None of Your Business
o Hometown: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
o Sex: Male
o Birthday: March 10, 1957
o Political Views: Anti-Democratic
o Religious Views: Muslim
o Bio: My name is Osama bin Laden. I am fifty-three years old, and I grew up in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. I grew up in a wealthy family; my father owned a world-renowned construction company. I attended college at King Abdulaziz University with a degree in Economics and Business administration. I became involved in the fight against the Soviet Union while they invaded Afghanistan. Throughout the war, I was in charge of one of the seven main afghan militia. After the fighting I decided to start Al Qaeda with the network that I created, with the goal to repel foreign intervention in the Middle East. During the first Gulf War, I shifted Al Qaeda’s goals toward ending the growing US presence in the Middle East, particularly Saudi Arabia because it is home to Islam’s most holy shrines. I began to speak out against the US being and Saudi Arabia, I was deported in 1992, and eventually my citizenship was revoked. I then moved to Sudan where I became connected with other global terrorist organizations. In 1996 I then moved to Afghanistan and became friendly with the ruling Taliban. During my stay in Sudan, I orchestrated several major terrorist attacks throughout the Middle East; that “put me on the map” so to speak. On August 23, 1996, Al Qaeda declared war on the United States. In 1998, we began to step up or battle against the US, when we bombed two US embassies in Tanzania and Kenya. We also attacked an American battleship killing seventeen soldiers. My biggest attack came on September 11, 2001, when 19 of my men hijacked four planes and crashed them into the World Trade Centers in New York, and the Pentagon in Washington D.C. In all, 3,000 people were killed. After the attack, the US retaliated and has been searching for me in the mountains of Pakistan and Afghanistan, but they still have not found me.. mwuahahahah. Over the past nine years, I have sort have gone off the radar and been quiet on a global scence. There have been rumors of my death, but only I know if I’m dead or alive.
o Favorite Quotations:
“We did not find it difficult to deal with Bush and his administration, because it is similar to regimes in our countries - both types include many who are full of arrogance and greed.”-ME
-“And he moved the tyranny and suppression of freedom to his own country, and they called it the Patriot Act under the disguise of fighting terrorism.”-ME
-“Even as you enter the fourth year after the Sept. 11 attacks, Bush is still misleading and deluding you and hiding the real reason from you.”-ME
-“We love death. The US loves life. That is the difference between us two.”-ME

Mother: Hamida al-Attas
Father: Muhammed Awad bin Laden
Brothers: Three half brothers
Sisters: One half sister
o Daughters/Sons: 19 sons and daughters with four different wives

Likes and Interest
o Activities: Blowing things up, planning terrorist attacks, hiking through the mountains
o Interests: Killing people, being mysterious, God
o Music: hymns, rock, spice girls
o Books: The Outsiders, A Tale of Two Cities, Harry Potter
o Movies: Farenheit 9/11, The Kingdom, The Bourne Series
o Television: 60 Minutes, History Channel, Discovery Channel

Education and Work
o High School: Al- Thager Model School
o College/University: King Abdulaziz University (Economics and Business Administration)
o Employer: Leader of Al Qaeda

ALBUM 1: Me :) and a few buds

ALBUM 2: What I Like to do in my spare time...



GROUP 1: alqaedanetwork
- I dont think i really need an explanation for this one, but of course i need to stay connected with all of Al Qaeda in some way or another.
GROUP 2: Anti-Terrorism-Discussion
- I need to be in the Anti-Terrorism group, so i know when there may be an attack or something.
GROUP 3: **osama**_**bin**_**laden**_groups
- Who wouldn't want to be in a group for themselves?
GROUP 4: binladinjokesandhumor
- it is important that i'm able to laugh at my self.
GROUP 5: Petdogs-L
- I need to be in a group that i can learn how train my dog.
GROUP 6: The-**Saudi**-Network
- I had a few successful operations there.
GROUP 7: **Obama**_Watch
- I hate all US presidents, so i just go on the group and bash on him.
GROUP 8: therealihatebushfanclub
- I hate all US presidents, so i just go on the group and bash on him.
GROUP 9: **Muslims**_Network
- I have to keep in touch with my fellow muslims.
GROUP 10: theterrorist
- Hey, im friends with anyone else who calls themselves a terrorist.

Take the What random summer item are you? quiz.

Favorite Color?

red orange yellow green blue purple black

Favorite thing about summer?

How warm it is! Being able to wear shorts The vacations I don't like summer Being carefree

Favorite thing about school?

Being able to learn! duh! I hate school! Being with all of my friends Gym class! Spring Break!

What word best describes you?

Popular Nerdy Adventurous Ambitious Happy

What is your favorite store?

Urban Outfitters Abercrombie/Hollister GameStop Dicks Sporting Goods Macy's

What's your favorite sport?

cheerleading mountain biking volleyball soccer mathletes

Result=Sundial, Summer isn't your favorite year, because you can't be in school studying and learning new things. However, with your sundial you can still learn and tell time simply by using the sun!
Explanation=Favorite color is black. I don't like summer because other people do. I like being able to learn in school because i am very smart. I am ambitious in trying to eliminate Americans from the world. I like Dicks, so i can buy guns. Mountain biking is my favorite sport because it is all i can do up here. Sundial? thats lame.

Take the What's your magic power? quiz.

I will start with the anoying colour question.

red blue green white black purple

What is your ideal ability?

pyrokinesis telekinesis healing frosting breathing under water blowing up stuff generating energy

What would you give to your friend for a gift (just as a "thank you for being" present)?

flowers lamp baloones toster a pet fish a heavy metal CD bateries

Now a math problem. Don't run it will be worth it ( i hope you are thinking the same thing). Write the date mount and year you were born and add up the numbers. If it's a two letter number just add the two numbers. What number did you get?

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Non of the above

Finaly, what kind of eyes do you have?

dark brown blue-green blue green grey light brown hazel

Result=Dark, the power to manipulate, create and destroy mater. This power is not to be messed with or elese something horrible might happen. Be wise with it.
Explanation= Favorite color is black. Ideal ability is blowing stuff up because it would be easier to perform terroristic acts. I would give batteries as a present because then someone could make a homemade bomb with them. The math problem equals six because i used my birthday. I have dark brown eyes. Dark??? uh whats that?


What kind of movie do you belong in?

Finish this sentence: "My favorite type of movie is..."

Comedy Action "Chick Flick" Horror Romantic Comedy I don't really watch many movies...

Finish this sentence: "In horror movies, I..."

Watch intently Turn away I don't watch too many scary movies Cry, sob, scream, yell at someone in the film "DON'T GO IN THE CLOSET!"

Would you ever see a movie by yourself?

Never. I'm scared of being slone. I use the buddy system. Yeah... But only if i really really wanted to see the movie. I never go to the movies with anyone. They distract me from the film.

What's your favorite thing to munch on during a movie? (at home or in the theater)

The classic: popcorn Candy A chicken leg Anything as long as i'm eating

Do you like to put extra butter on your popcorn?

YES! I pour so much on it's like a butter volcano errupted over it! No. I put some butter though. EWW! No thank you.

Horror. You love a good scare and i bet love scaring people on Halloween. You should watch Paranormal Activity, Shutter Island or The Ring.
I chose horror movies because i like seeing people get hurt. In horror movies i watch intently because once again, i like seeing people get hurt. I always see movies alone because it is more peaceful. I eat chicken legs during movies because thats all we have. I don't like extra butter because we do not have it. Horror? cool.

What Spongebob Character are you?

What is ur favorite color

red pink yellow green black

Do you like spongebob

yes no sometimes

Do u have an annoying laugh

yes no

Explanation= I chose black because that is my favorite color as you can clearly see. I obviously like spongebob. who doesnt? And of course i have an annoying laugh, i'm an evil villain. Plankton?= Perfect Choice

P.S.- The person who made this was clearly American, and did a terrible job.


What feeling are you?

Your idea of a homely home is:

A wooden house in a forest somewhere. A misty palace in a secluded area. A small house in a valley with lush fields of green beyond imagination. A dark house in a dark place where black birds flee. A cottage in the middle of a field where cattle graze.

The dreaded question (You: Takes out gun with finger on the trigger) Your favourite colour:

Grey, turquoise and shades of misty green. Crimson red, firey orange and shades of golden yellow. Lime green, aqua, and shades of daisy purples. Black, dark purple and red as dark as blood. Beige, creams and shades of blue and white.

What type of person are you?

Rough and tumble. Someone whose classy and has lots of integrity. Bohemian and very natural. Hardcore. Eccentric and a bit conservative.

Favourite music:

Country: Sheryl Crow etc. Opera: Sarah Brightman etc. All: Ke$ha, Taylor Swift, Sarah Mclachlan etc. Metal: Slip Knot, Evanescence etc.Rock or World: Cat Stevens etc.

Result=Misty Secrecy, you're a very secret type of person, so naturally the Misty Secrecy feeling would suit you best. You're an observer and people want to find out more about you which leaves them fascinated. If you ever think badly of yourself, don't beacause people respect you and know not to mess with you. ROCK ON!!!
Explanation= A misty secluded palace because i dont like people bothering me. Not the color question again, black as always. Rough and tumble, you would not want to mess with me, i know people. Opera music is one of my passions, definately something most people do not know about me. Misty Secrecy?... ya that suits me considering nobody knows whether im dead or alive