Dr. Livingston I presume.....


- Basic Information
o Current City: London, England. Westminster Abbey.
o Hometown:Blantyre, Scotland
o Sex: Male
o Birthday: March 13, 1813
o Political Views:
o Religious Views:Congegationalist
o Bio:
My name is David Livingstone. I was born in Blantyre, Scotland on March 13, 1813. My father’s name is Neil and my mother is Agnes. At age 10, I started working on a cotton mill with the rest of my family. I worked hard but with little pay. Every Sunday my family would venture to church which I loved. I always believed in god and never doubted him. We attended the Church of Scotland, which was a Presbyterian church. When I was 19. My father and I changed churches because of the persecution of science. The church believed that science was false, and I was a true science nerd. We became Congregationalists, which was a better fit for us. After some college I started working for the LMS, London Missionary Society, and went on a few mission trips. I was originally intending on going to India and China, but the Opium War changed that. My next assignment was to Africa. I landed in South Africa in December of 1840. After a few years, I married Mary, a fellow Scot who had lived in Africa since age four. Between 1852-56 I explored the interior of Africa because of a drought in my previous area. I made the treacherous trek across the interior from the Atlantic Ocean to Zambia and the Indian Ocean. This trek had never been fully successful and I sure was proud to be the first. When I came to Zambia, I saw the gorgeous Mosi-oa-Tunya, or “Smoke that Thunders.” I renamed these falls the Victoria Falls after our wonderful Queen Victoria. After traveling for many more years I went of the face of the earth for six years. Henry Morton Stanley came and found me, and muttered the words, “Dr. Livingstone I presume….”, this catch phrase has become a household term. Even though Stanley had come to bring me home, I refused to leave. I wanted to stay and finish my mission of bringing Christianity to Africa. After two more years I died from malaria and internal bleeding caused from dysentery. I lived by the motto, “ Christianity, Commerce, and Civilization” and never once thought that I couldn’t do anything.
o Favorite Quotations: " Dr. Livingstone I presume..."
- Relationships
o Mother: Agnes
o Father: Neil
o Daughters: Anna Mary, Agnes, and Elizabeth
o Sons: Robert, Thomas, and William Oswell a.k.a. Zouga. Nicknamed that because of the river he was born near.
o Brothers: Robert, 2 others
o Sisters: 1 sister
- Likes and Interest
o Activities: Hiking, Camping, Exploring
o Interests: Nature, Biology, Bugs, Forestry, Ecology, Theology
o Music: Mozart, Beethoven.
o Books: The Bible, anything involving theology, biology, or ecology. Philosophy of a Future State
o Movies: What is a movie? I think Planet Earth was a pretty good movie depicting the world. Also, Jurassic Park, because of the beautiful scenery.
o Television: What is a television? If I knew what this contraption was, I would watch a lot of the Discovery Channel and Science Channel. Maybe even a little History channel to change it up.
- Education and Work
o High School:
o College/University: Anderson's College, London Missionary Society,
o Employer: London Missionary Society

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Groups Click here to find a group to join! You must join 10 groups from this site and this site only!!
GROUP 1: tentcamping
- EXPLANATION While I was exploring Africa, I frequently stayed in a canvas tent.
GROUP 2: nature_trekker
- EXPLANATION The group is all about what I love, which is spending time in nature, and exploring the unknown.
GROUP 3: CampingAdventures
- EXPLANATION Throughout my exploration of Africa, we had quite a few interesting adventures that created some wonderful stories.
GROUP 4: Africaforum
- EXPLANATION Africa was my second home, so I thought it was necessary to share my thoughts with other people interested in the continent.
GROUP 5: AfricanMusic
- EXPLANATION I learned to love this cultural music. Each cities music would be a little different from one another, but would still show the cultural background of the continent.
GROUP 6: Motherzambia
- EXPLANATION This group is dedicated to the Zambezi River, which leads to the beautiful Victoria Falls. I named the falls Victoria after our great Queen.
GROUP 7: Nile River
- EXPLANATION This group is for the safe keeping of the Nile. They want to maintain its greatness, and I helped do that in my travels.
GROUP 8: Covenant_Reformed_Presbyterians
- EXPLANATION My whole family were Presbyterians in the Church of Scotland.
GROUP 9:Reformed_Congregationalists
- EXPLANATION After I left the church of Scotland, I became a congregationalists because they did not challenge science, my second love.
GROUP 10: NaturalHistory-L
- EXPLANATION The group was made to preserve the natural history of earth, and to minimize the deforestation in our rain forests.

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QUIZ 1: What era are you from?
- RESULTS The 80's
- EXPLANATION I answered the question to the best of my knowledge. I think they meant the 1880's though! It asked my favorite smell so of course I said flowers and grass just like in Africa. My favorite color is green too.
QUIZ 2: What Part of Nature are You?
- EXPLANATION I think being a tree would be very fun and interesting. As a tree you could see everything happening around you, and those things need you to live. I would be an integral part of society, and would hopefully be respected.
QUIZ 3:What kind of novel are you?
- RESULTS Romance Novel
- EXPLANATION I am not sure how I got romance novel seeing as that I wasn't very romantic. I did marry my wife Mary in Africa after we met, and took her on a safari as our honeymoon. I guess you could say I am just a true gentleman.
QUIZ 4: What's your inner Element?
- RESULTS The Calm of Air.
- EXPLANATION It makes sense that the calm of air would be my element. I am a very calm and relaxed person and I simply love being in nature where air is the purest. Air always tastes better in Africa.
QUIZ 5: What's your magic power?
I think that this answer makes plenty of sense. I do spend my day living and working in the natural earth, not in the modernized cities. I would use my powers for good and bring things back to they way they were before we took away the true beauty of earth, the natural habits of animals.

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