NAME: Genghis Khan
PROFILE PICTUREGenghis-khan-300.jpg

- Basic Information

o Current City: Karakorum
o Hometown: None
o Sex: Male
o Birthday: 1162
o Political Views: Interventionalist progressive
o Religious Views: Traditional Mongolian
o Bio (minimum 300 words): I was born with the name Temujiin in 1162 to a family of Mongols. This family was unremarkable in virtually every way. My father arranged my marriage with Borte, my wife, (I was twelve, she eleven). On the way back, he was murdered by Tartars. At the age of twelve, I had suddenly become the man of the family. I was later captured by a rival tribe and had a huge wooden block placed around my neck. However, I escaped. At age eighteen, I married Borte. However, I was not out of the woods yet. My wife was kidnapped and raped by a group of bandits. I and my comrades rescued her. She gave birth to a boy, but I have no way of knowing whether he is actually my son. All of my experiences made me want to unite Mongolia and make it a safe place. Despite many hardships, I managed to recruit a loyal following. By the year 1185, I was Khan of the Mongols. However, I still had to unite the other nomadic tribes of the region. Fortunately, I had an ally. My father’s blood brother, Toghril, was Khan of the Keraits. I forged an alliance with him, and together, we united all of the tribes in Mongolia. When Toghril died, I became Khan of all Mongolia. I took the title Genghis Khan. Many people have painted a picture of me as a monster, up there with Stalin, Hitler and Pol Pot. However, I was much more than just a brutal conqueror. I preferred negotiations to confrontation. Many of the wars I started were in retaliation for some offense, such as murdering my messengers. Besides, the reason I was doing all of this in the first place was because if left to their own devices, the various Mongol tribes would begin fighting each other again. Plus, when a city, tribe or nation surrendered peacefully, I allowed them to continue much as they always had. The Mongol horde looked remarkably like a modern army set down in the Middle Ages, as if Patton and Rommel had fallen through a time warp. My cavalry could move over one hundred miles a day. We were the most disciplined, adaptable, and strategic army of our day. I was also very progressive. I gave equal rights to women, even allowing them to serve in my army. I also allowed homosexual relationships that were essentially marriages in all but name. However, I will not deny that I was often very cruel to those who resisted me. When the city of Samarkand refused to surrender to me and I conquered it anyway, I ordered the deaths of thousands of people as an example to all who would oppose me.
o Favorite Quotations: “To crush your enemies, see then driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women; that is best in life”
- Relationships

o Mother: Ho’elun
o Father: Yesügei
o Daughters: Khojen, Alaqai, Tümelün, Altalün, Checheyigen
o Sons: Jochi, Chagatai, Ögedei, Tolui
o Brothers: Khasar, Khajiun, Temüge, Belgutei, Bekhter
o Sisters: Temulin
- Likes and Interest

o Activities: Hunting
o Interests: Expanding the empire
o Music: War chants
o Books: The Secret History of the Mongols
o Movies: Not Invented Yet
o Television: Not Invented Yet
- Education and Work

o High School: None
o College/University: None
o Employer: Myself

Photos (15 photos; 5 in each album)

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ALBUM 2: My family





ALBUM 3: What I do




Groups Click here to find a group to join! You must join 10 groups from this site and this site only!!
GROUP 1: Asian Defense
- EXPLANATION: This group covers military events in Asia, which is one of the continents where I campaigned
GROUP 2: Global Analyst
- EXPLANATION: This group talks about the geopolitical events of Eurasia, which is the region that the Mongols campaigned in
GROUP 3: Warwick_Persian
- EXPLANATION: I took over Persia and wish to learn about its culture
GROUP 4: China Society
- EXPLANATION: I conquered China and wish to learn about it, so that I may more effectively govern it
GROUP 5: Mongol Club
- EXPLANATION: I am a Mongol, who from the nation of Mongolia, and I wish to allow other people to understand us, so that they may surrender to us
GROUP 6: Proud2B_Indian
- EXPLANATION: India is on the southern border of my empire, and I wish to have diplomatic relations with it. I would conquer it, but my advisor
Ye-Leiu Chu-Tsai advised me not to
GROUP 7: Russky_Dom
- EXPLANATION: I have conquered the nation of Russia. In order to prevent rebellions, I wish to learn more about it
GROUP 8: Support_Poland
- EXPLANATION: I have designs on the nation of Poland, and I want to learn more about it. The internet has made gathering intelligence ridiculously easy.
GROUP 9: mn_horse_forum
- EXPLANATION: The cavalry is the backbone of the Mongol army, so I want to see which breeds of horses are best in the various aspects of warfare (mobility, transportation, etc.). If I do so, I can conquer more territory than ever
GROUP 10: EU Raptors
- EXPLANATION: Falconry is a common sport of the Mongols. I wish to see if there are any falcons that are better for our tastes.

Quizzes Click here to find a quiz to take! You must take at least 5 quizzes from this site and this site only!!
QUIZ 1: What type of weather are you?
- RESULTS: Thunderstorm
- EXPLANATION: I am moody, destructive, and short-tempered, but can also bring life. I wanted to see what my personality would be like. These results describe me very well
QUIZ 2: Which type of dream are you?
- RESULTS: Reality Twist
- EXPLANATION: I wish to see what type of dream my personality is like. This type fits my personality. I am very realistic.
QUIZ 3: What kind of novel are you?
- RESULTS: Action
- EXPLANATION: Again, I want to see what my personality is like. This type seems to fit me very well. Obviously, I lead an active life
QUIZ 4: What animal are you at heart?
- EXPLANATION: I want to see what type of animal best fits my personality. This fits me very well. Much like a wolf, I am fierce, but loyal. I am honorable, but can be vicious if angry. I lead a very action packed lifestyle
QUIZ 5: What should you be for Halloween?
- RESULTS: Something scary
- EXPLANATION: I don’t know much about Halloween, but I like the sound of it. From what I understand, people disguise themselves, demand loot, and vandalize the person’s property if they fail to cough up. It recommends that I dress up as something scary. Not only does it fit me, it means I can get more loot